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Character Guidelines

Here are some ideas for characters we want in the game!

All characters must have some connection to the Jacksons - whether it's by blood, by friendship, by pretence, or by business. Which connection you choose is up to you! The only connection we won't accept is a child - the Jacksons are childless.

So when you're applying, you need to think through how your character history will relate to the Jacksons': what motivation would they have for killing them? What motivation would they have for keeping them alive? Don't worry for now about mod approval - if the connection you have in mind won't work, then we'll be happy to figure something out with you - chances are, though, that whatever you come up with will be fine. Not sure about the Jacksons' story? Click here. JACKSON HISTORY/STORY LINK WILL GO HERE

This game is set in June 1924. What does this mean for your character? Your character can:

-listen to the radio
-be a flapper (if female)
-be an actor/actress (aspiring or moderately successful)
-be a WWI veteran (if male)
-play the stocks
-be an artist

For other ideas, you can check Wikipedia's articles on what was happening in 1923 - 1924. (Please remember to only use information up until May.)

-A gangster
-An aspiring actor/actress
-A businessman
-An artist
-A writer
-A relative
-An inventor
-An opera singer
-A film producer or director
-A charity director
-An entrepreneur

Or if you come up with something else, that's fine, too! Be creative.

I am willing to consider servant-players, as long as you understand that your character will have limited interaction with others.

I prefer to keep the board at a PG-13 rating: please, no smut! You and the player can play out the sex over instant messenging if you really want to, but on the board, any and all sex scenes must go fade-to-black. If you want your character to have a history of mental instability, please talk to me or another mod about it first. This being a murder mystery game, there will obviously be deaths, but they shouldn't be disturbing to the players OOC (unless the mere idea of death is disturbing, in which case this probably isn't the game for you).

If you want to play the Inspector character, you can fill out the application specifically for this character. Before you apply, though, think carefully about how you'd play him (he must be male as the time period dictates), and how often you'd be able to play. Once he's entered, the Inspector must be active. He has to snoop around, interview other PCs, keep on the lookout for anything suspicious or not quite right. While the murder won't be as intricate as some of the Agatha Christie novels, I would strongly urge you to have read at least one Hercule Poirot mystery. This will help you understand what is needed in an Inspector. (Plus they're fun! See here for title recommendations

Communication between the mods and the Inspector-player is vital, as is communication with the Killer player.

If you're interested in playing the killer, yay! Please make note of this in the application. But before you apply, please make sure you can be active. The killer can be male or female, and the method of murder is up to you, but it must be run by the mods first. Remember that your character doesn't want to be caught, so be discreet. It's up to you as to whether you want to reveal to other players if your character's the killer, but it might make it more fun if you don't! Make sure your character has a motivation for murdering the Jacksons - whether it's just to steal the money in their safe or if it's because ten years ago David got the promotion, by-passing your character on the career ladder, or something more sinister - no one gets murdered for no reason, even if the reason is silly.

Communication with the mods and the Killer's player is vital, as is communication with the Inspector's player.

I highly recommend that each player have read at least one Agatha Christie novel. The game won't be based on one, but her novels will help give you a feel of the game.

Failing that, if you've ever played a game of Clue (Cluedo) in your life, you can probably draw on those experiences.

Create a character you'll have fun with! We're pretty laid-back and open to ideas, so run wild within the boundaries!

If you're still stuck for character ideas, contact the mods at and I promise we won't bite!
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