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About Your Hosts: The Jackson Story

David Jackson

David Jackson is a businessman, straightforward and upfront. He's made most of his fortune by making wise investments, both in America and abroad, but he also worked his way up in the American Telephone & Telegraph Company. Due to his work ethic and his willingness to travel, he is able to do most of his work from home or whilst traveling. He has taken a month and a half off for an extended holiday with his wife and friends.
He also donates a respectable sum of money each year to two charities, and considers himself a philanthropist. He has a myriad of connections, from Rockefeller to F. Scott Fitzgerald to Charles Lindbergh. There are also enduring rumours of him having ties to the Mob, but of course that's ridiculous.
David is up-to-date on business affairs, and tolerant of his wife's obsession with movie stars and the theatre.

Anne Jackson

Anne Jackson was born into old money

The Couple

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