Lauren (sofamiliar) wrote in vintage_rp,

1. Please don't control other people's characters. It's rude and creates drama and sadness. If your character wants to steal and read another character's diary, that's okay, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check OOC with the player from whose character you're stealing. I cannot stress how important respect among our players is.

2. This is a short-term game: it will probably only run for two months, three at the very most. So how fun the game is very dependent on character interaction and player involvement. I'm not putting down a specific requirement for how often a character must post in, but it would be wise to play as much as you can! It's YOU and your fellow players who make the game fun, and you can only do that by getting involved. Frame characters, plant false clues, fight, kiss, spy, dance, play games within the game, talk - that's how the game will work.

3. While this is very much a character-driven game, the plot is also very important. Someone has killed the hosts, and they were your character's friends (maybe). So if your character is the killer, you need to make sure you leave behind clues for other characters to find. Other characters need to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. An Inspector character (which will be played, not NPC'd) will come in: if you are playing him, you'll need to interview other characters and snoop around.

4. Since this game is short and involves so much character interaction, each player may only have one character. If you *really* want two characters, and you can keep them both active, talk to me about it. If you're a responsible player, I may relent, but please try to really invest in one character.

5. No chatspeak in the IC boards. This is non-negotiable, sorry!

6. There will be a board that will open up two weeks prior to game-start. This board will be for you and other players to work out backgrounds, relationships, and anything else that needs to be set up. I urge you to take part in this!

7. As I said before, both the Inspector and the killer will be played by an actual player, rather than by one of the mods. If you want to play one of these characters, it's very, very important for you to be involved in the game. See the Character Guidelines for more information.

That's all! After you've read the Character Guidelines, you can fill out The Application!
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